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Good Historical Romance

Punishing Miss Primrose, Parts I - V: An Erotic Historical in the Red Chrysanthemum Series - Em Brown, Valerie Tibbs, Jenn Leblanc

Punishing Miss Primrose, parts 1-5 by Em Brown is an awesome read, BUT it does end in a cliff-hanger.  I do hate cliff-hangers!  Em Brown has crafted a well written book.  The characters are phenomenal.  Beatrice and Spencer's story is full of drama, suspense, sizzle and bits of humor.  There is a bdsm element to the story so it may not be for everyone.  I enjoyed this book from start to the abrupt end.  The cliff-hanger I didn't care for.  I'd be happy to read more from Em Brown in the future, but only if it's a complete book, no cliff-hangers.