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Angel Bumps: Hello from Heaven - Anne Bardsley

I confess, when I received an offer to read Angel Bumps, I said no.  I think my words were, "It would have me crying in my cheerios."  But I had a second thought, because the lady that made the offer has been sending me reading material for a while so I felt I owed her a favor.  I'm happy I changed my mind and didn't miss out on this gem.  Anne Bardsley has compiled an amazing collection of stories from people that have had signs that their loved ones that have passed on are still with them and watching over them.  The stories are moving, touching tributes to love that never dies.  Did I cry in my cheerios?  No, but I may have blinked away a tear or two.  I didn't sit and devour the whole book as I usually do.  I spaced the stories out over a few days.  I have to say, after reading a few stories from this book each day, I felt lighter.  I've never had an Angel Bump, but it lightened my mood that others have found comfort with a little nudge from above.