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Lexin's Quest (Knights of Kismera Book 2) - Tamara H Hartl

Lexin's Quest by Tamara H. Hartl is an amazing read. Ms. Hartl has again delivered a well-written book and furnished it with outstanding, lovable characters. Ms. Hartl gets an A+ for her characters and their interaction. Lexin is sent on a quest to find the king's son that everyone believed had died at birth. Cerise is new to Kismera and joins Lexin's quest. There is so much happening in this story...action, suspense, humor, adventure and spice. I enjoyed every page of this book and look forward to reading more from the talented Tamara H. Hartl. Lexin's Quest is book 2 of the Knights Of Kismera Series and could be read as a standalone, but I suggest reading book 1 first or you'll have unanswered questions. This is a complete book, not a cliff-hanger.