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Clouds in My Coffee - Andrea  Smith

Clouds In My Coffee by Andrea Smith is an amazing romantic suspense with a little paranormal twist.  Ms. Smith has delivered a well-written book.  Kudos to Ms. Smith for the fantastic characters in this book.  I love their personalities and interactions.  Parrish is gifted, she sees dead people.  I could go on and say more about the story, but I'm afraid I'd give the good parts away so I'll just tell you there is plenty of suspense, humor, drama and sizzle to keep readers glued to this book.  If you're a fan of paranormals, which I'm not, you'll totally fall in love with this book.  If I, not being a fan of paranormals love it, fans will too.  I enjoyed this book from page one till the end and look forward to reading more from Andrea Smith in the future.  Clouds In My Coffee is book 2 of the Limbo Series but can be read as a standalone.  I suggest reading book 1 of the series first to get the backstory on how Parrish discovers her gift.