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Historical Romance

The Reclusive Earl (Marriage by Fate) - Ruth Ann Nordin

The Reclusive Earl by Ruth Ann Nordin is a fantastic historical romance.  Ms. Nordin has delivered a well-written book.  I adore the characters in this story.  Opal is disgusted when she hears young ladies making fun of a man's lisp and follows them as they are spying on the gentleman.  Landon must pay off his brother's gambling debt, even though he hates being at gatherings because of his lisp.  When Opal delays him to warn him of the ladies making fun of him, they are caught alone and forced into marriage.  Opal and Landon's story is loaded with drama, humor and sizzle.  I enjoyed reading The Reclusive Earl and look forward to reading more from Ruth Ann Nordin in the future.  The Reclusive Earl is book 1 of the Marriage By Fate Series but can be read as a standalone.  This is a complete book, not a cliff-hanger.