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The Awakening Society Box Set - J.M. Madden

The Awakening Society Box Set by J.M. Madden is proof this author can write anything and make it an entertaining read.  I would say this book is borderline erotica so it may not be for everyone.  Tonya and Harrison's story is about sex.  To start.  And there is plenty of sex in the book, but as Ms Madden has their story unfold, it's a pleasure to read.  There is plenty of drama and a bit of humor to balance this story.  The characters are fantastic and always my favorite part of a J.M. Madden book.  I enjoyed The Awakening Society and can't wait for my next J.M. Madden book.  The Awakening Society is part one of the story, The Awakening Society Box Set is the whole story, not a cliff-hanger.