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Reckless Touch - Veronica Larsen

Reckless Touch is my first book by Veronica Larsen.  I'm impressed.  Ms. Larsen has delivered a book written in first-person, alternating point of view, which I usually hate.  But I'm forced to admit, in this book, it totally works.  Kudos to Ms. Larsen.  Amelia is a reporter, attacked leaving work one night.  When an arrest is made but the stalkerish gifts keep arriving, she insists they have the wrong man.  Sebastian is a detective and believes Amelia is in danger.  Amelia and Sebastian's story is loaded with drama, bits of humor, action, suspense and sizzle.  This story captured me at the first page and held me hostage until the end.  I look forward to reading more from Veronica Larsen in the future.  Reckless Touch is a complete book, not a cliff-hanger.